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Protect your investment and manage your property expenses on your terms.
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Elevare Pay Easy provides easy access to funds to help you pay for repairs, maintenance or improvements to your investment property.

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8x equal fortnightly repayments

Imagine having quick and easy access to funds to improve your property and increase its value and rental yield – without compromising your cashflow.

Elevare Pay Easy Protect makes this all a reality, by letting you buy yourself some time. It’s specifically designed for property investors to manage the upfront costs required for either unexpected or scheduled repair and maintenance expenses for their rental property.

How it works.

If you’re a property owner and your investment property requires some tender loving care to make sure your asset value is protected, then have a look just how simple it is to spread your spend over 112 days without impeding on your cashflow.

Spreading your spend over 112 days is easy. In just a few simple steps, you’ll be protecting your investment property – and your cash flow.

$1,000 repair cost.

Imagine you need to quickly invest $1,000 for a tradie to carry out repairs on your investment property. Here’s how your repayments work to protect your cash flow.

Funds approved: $1,000Scheduled paymentsCumulative paid over 16 weeks
Initial deposit on approval (20%)$200
Plan establishment fee on approval$30$230
Payment 1 (fortnightly)$100$330
Payment 2 (fortnightly)$100$430
Payment 3 (fortnightly)$100$530
Payment 4 (fortnightly)$100$630
Payment 5 (fortnightly)$100$730
Payment 6 (fortnightly)$100$830
Payment 7 (fortnightly)$100$930
Payment 8 (fortnightly)$100$1,030

Example repayment schedule.

Enjoy all the benefits of Protect.

  • Your cash flow is protected
  • Spread payments comfortably across 8x equal fortnightly transactions
  • Got the job done quickly and protect your asset
  • Minimal fees incurred
  • Your tradie is paid within 7 days of job completion
  • Seamless and hassle free experience

Elevare Pay Easy Protect eliminates upfront funding hassles and ensures the future value of your asset is in good shape.

It buys you time to pay off that repair, maintenance or improvement expense over 112 days, and takes the stress out of the whole process.

With funding from $500 to $10,000, Elevare Pay Easy Protect is here to help.

Yes, I want to buy some more time